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Screaming Female Orgasms


Do you know how to give an orgasm? How would you like it if your woman screams in bed every single time you have sex? I don’t mean screams of pain, but shrieks of absolute ecstasy! Most guys would give anything to have the ability to pleasure any woman and give them the sexual ride of their lives. Well, then there’s also some guys whose ladies just lay there while they are madly thrusting away, with zero emotion or they just simply look bored with it all.

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Now, here’s the thing: if she looks bored during sex, it is usually not her fault. It takes two to tango, and it takes two to make amazing sex (or boring, dreary sex). Either way, if she is not enjoying sex, you probably are not getting the most out of sex either. So how do you give your girl the kind of shrieking joys of screaming orgasms that will put other men to shame?

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Believe it or not, for many women, screaming is what actually causes them to come to an orgasm. Let me explain… Well, it is not so much the actual act of screaming that that causes her to climax. It is the act of releasing and letting herself go, the act of completely relaxing her body and mind, the act of completely letting go of her inhibitions, that leads her to complete and total sexual ecstasy like no other. It is almost like a self-fulfilling cycle. By you encouraging her to make some noise in the bedroom, she is actually priming herself and getting herself prepared to achieve a far more intense orgasm.

Now before you start asking your girl to scream her head off during sex, you should realise this: It’s not what she does that helps her to achieve an orgasm, but it’s what YOU do to help her reach that high!

Getting Her Comfortable And All Warmed Up

That is the main key. You have to cause her to become sufficiently relaxed in your presence to completely surrender her body to you. Have her succumb to the type of intimacy that she will feel totally comfortable with you. It is through her emotions that she will arrive at a deep level of trust and intimacy with you to let herself go completely and release herself!