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4 Natural Ways To Last Longer In Bed.

Sex is great fun for all of us – well it is supposed to be. Sometimes the experience can be somewhat tarnished for the female when us guys can’t seem to last long enough in bed.

How do we last longer in bed? There are artificial methods that rely on lotions, potions and pills; some of which carry some side effects. Now these side effects affect us all differently, so it is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is something that definitely needs to be considered.

So then we come to the natural methods that can assist to enhance your sexual experience. Here are 4 methods for you to try out:

  • Make sure you are getting enough exercise to increase your general health and fitness. When you do cardio exercise such as, jogging and skipping, you will tend to gain endurance. This essential if you want to last longer in bed, because if you lack physical endurance, then your body will not be able to sustain a long sexual session. You could end up being out of breath and your stamina will plummet – and so will your erection.
  • Your mind also needs to have a workout, just like your body. The mind needs creativity and something different to keep it (and you) stimulated. Keep sex fresh and alive by trying something different; whether that be some new sexual positions, some different angles of penetration, some sex toys, or (if you are up to it…) some new partners. (Think swinging!) This variation in the sexual routine keeps your mind guessing and stimulated so you can remain turned on whilst delaying ejaculation.
  • Using ‘tools’ such as thicker condoms or a cock ring can work for some men. Not all men. So choose your tools wisely. Thicker condoms can also dull the sensation too much so you could possibly lose your erection, so be aware of that. You could use a sex toy on your partner to give your stimulation a break and keep it going for your sex partner.
  • One of the most successful methods for most men, is to learn how to control your point of no return. Use positions that put you in control so you can set the rhythm and pace of sex. Then when you are getting a little too close you can pull out and go down on your girl to buy you some time. Then when you have calmed down slightly you can resume intercourse. One great way to do this is with an ejaculation trainer that is clearly demonstrated in 60 Minute Stamina.

These are 4 simple, natural ways to have sex for a longer time. They can all be performed by anyone regardless of age or sexual experience levels. So give one or all of them a try, and see how you can improve the sexual experience for you, and (perhaps more importantly) your partner.